Common Ground

by Old Souls Revival

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Neil Luke- Vocals, Guitar
Pete Summerville- Lead Guitar
Dustin Rademacher- Bass
Jeremy Reidy- Drums


released November 21, 2013

Recorded 2013 at Bird Cloud Studios
Engineered by Ryan Wasoba

Album Art done by Ariel Biggerstaff



all rights reserved


Old Souls Revival St. Louis, Missouri

Rock n' Roll with no agenda.

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Track Name: It's Fine
It's fine

Say what you want, I'm leaving
Tape that one up, you're bleeding

Sometimes I try to lay in on the line
and sometimes I just don't
Sometimes you try to put it all aside
But you just can't move on

Don't let them see what's on the inside, Lord knows they'll try
And So will he and we both know he'll succeed, cause it's just that easy

But, we've all done things with which we don't agree,
I guess that's just life
But, everyone you know is heading down that one way road
So now is the time
Sure, it's cliche for me to say
with a microphone on stage
But sometimes it just doesn't come out this way
Track Name: Wake It
I'm so sorry, that you got nothing left to do but cry.
Please don't worry, cause I found my own way outside

Hallelujah, my parade is finally dead and gone

Please bring me
To my knees
Or off my feet
Give me anything

It's done
Track Name: How Much?
How Much is too much and what's the difference
Between shooting to the moon and trying to get to heaven

I think you are gonna have to
figure it out for yourself

Right now, I'm looking out of your window
and I can see the horizon
and over that hill, baby
I can see the sun risin'

And right now, I'm walkin' out of your doorway
and I could not give a damn
I'm usually not one to say so
But tonight, you know that I am
Track Name: Before The Gold Rush
It may not look or sound like much, but it never does
and shifty eyes were so much, easier to trust.
There was no choice but to let these things rust
and certain songs they played just for us.

Before the gold rush, there was no concern for how much,
It was easy to tell when enough was enough.

The sunlight danced with the dust
and embarrassment it would make us blush
and all our whispers were befriended by a hush

Bedfore the gold rush, there was no concern for how much,
It was easy to tell when enough was enough

Before the gold rush, the candy was sweeter to the touch
and there was nothing to prove, so there was no reason to bluff
Track Name: Down Here
Down Here here, the traffic flows like water.
and i know the communist's daughter

and we both lie in the beds we made
and one of us is sleepin' just fine while the other
one's tossin and turnin' with the fire still burin' deep inside

Down here, the money's treated greater
life gets contemplated later

but i admit that i'm just the same.
I get weighed down by the mundane
while everybody's standin' in line at the bank with a smile on their face
yeah, the malcontentment is rotting through my brain
Track Name: What's A Guy To Do?
Turn out the lights
So we can sweat it all out tonight
I know that it seems so wrong
but baby, you know we're not that strong

Tell me that you're certain
cause it feels like you are searching
and if you're the bigger person
the hold on tight because we're in for a ride

We're speaking in this language
that you and I created
If you think you've got control of it
Then hold on baby cause it don't look good

Because the rain's just like your makeup
It falls in my apartment
and the fan's inside the window
and it just can't come out
Track Name: Holy Ghost
Your holy ghosts are hangin' over my head,
And I’m still hangin’ on, to every word you said
And I have to admit you had us all convinced
So strike up the eggnog and let the band begin

Just wrap it up, double knot the bow
I know you’re not one for the Christmas season
So, while we’re all goin’ up in flames
We sing

Joy to world
Our time has come

After the moon calmed down, all those waves that put us out
Everything just washed away and our souls just crawled around
On a beach where we laid, shooting stars and crashing waves
The isle of the blessed, blue skies are all the rage

So please, let me be, I respect your beliefs,
and the idea of ones ability to cling
Track Name: Namely
Well is time against me, or is it my friend
I think I know the answer if I gotta ask that question again
Well, time goes slow, and the years fly by
And no one’s getting out of here alive

So, we gotta lean on each other, but you gotta get yourself outta that hole.
I’ll do what I can But it’s on you man to let those feelings go

And if I had, pictures of the future, well you know I’d hang those up too
Instead all I got, are a bunch of dead folks hangin’ up, in my livin’ room

And some folks call me crazy, for handling my business this or that way
But, helpless are the hopeless is how I live my life

I know somebody must’ve felt this before tonight
I know somebody must’ve thought this before tonight
Track Name: First Hymn
Well I play at the giants feet all day and sleep with the stars
It's not ours
and my friends we all sing

Not of what we've taken or anything we lack
Only what we're giving back
and my friends we call sing

We're working on our legacy one mistake at a time
Tasting life
and my friends we all sing

If one of us should ever die
Turn our blood into wine